Comic Con Revolution, the inaugural event at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario California, Saturday, May 13, 2017 is proud to announce programming highlights for the upcoming event. Much like the exhibit floor and guest list, the programming schedule is an exciting part of what makes any event a 'must attend' and an unforgettable experience. The diversity of the programming includes something special for all who attend.

Take a look at what we have planned!

Room 100AB:
#GenerationRevolution: Animators Day Off
Mike Morris, Mike Collins, Steven E Gordon, Aaron Long, Anne Walker Farrell, Rachel Reed | Hosted by Craig Miller
Saturday 5/13 3:00pm, 100AB
What do artists and writers do when they aren't working on your favorite animated projects from film, TV, and video games? From comic books, children's books, even novels; what creative people do as a side job and for fun will amaze you. Join Mike Morris (Ducktales 2017), Mike Collins (Mr. Peabody and Sherman), Steven E Gordon (X-Men Evolution), Aaron Long (Bojack Horseman), Rachel Reed (Rockstar Games) and Anne Walker Farrell (Bojack Horseman).
Room 103:
Bringing Comics to Screen
Matt Hawkins, Doug Jung | Hosted by John Nguyen & Mike Villareal
Saturday 5/13 11:30am, 103
Since the boom of the late 90's, film and TV has seen tons of your favorite comics go from page to screen. Come learn what goes into comics making the leap from creators working in the entertainment industry. On the panel: Doug Jung (Star Trek Beyond, Scalped) and Matt Hawkins (Witchblade, The Darkness Video Game). Moderated by's John Nguyen and Mike Villareal.
Room 104B:
Voices From Your Favorite Games
Josh Petersdorf, Anjali Bhimani, Fedor Chin | Hosted by John Nguyen & Mike Villareal
Saturday 5/13 1:30pm, 104B
Come join the voices from the hit game Overwatch as they talk about bringing life to some of your favorite characters: Josh Petersdorf (Roadhog), Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra), and Fedor Chin (Zenyatta). Moderated by's John Nguyen & Mike Villareal.
1st Annual Cosplay Revolution Contest
Hosted by Angie Viper
Saturday 5/13 7:00pm, 104B
Time to put on your cape and hat, or your armor, or whatever you’re into! Capping off Comic Con Revolution cosplayers from all around Southern California will have the opportunity to compete for cash & prizes in our 1st annual cosplay competition. Hosted by Angi Viper, our contest features a $500 cash prize for Best in Show, plus prizes from sponsor Dave & Buster’s. Prizes will be awarded in the categories of Best in Show, Best Male, Best Female, Best Duo or Group and Best Kids. All entrants must have registered in advance.