November 17, 2018

Huge news for Transformers fans! Gregg Berger (Grimlock, Volcanicus, Stockade, Long Haul, Lockdown), Paul Eiding (Perceptor), Michael Bell (Prowl, Scrapper, Swoop, High Tide, Primon), Dan Gilvezan (Bumblebee, Hot Spot, Scamper, Goldbug, Rollbar, Snapdragon), Alan Oppenheimer (Warpath, Beachcomber, Seaspray, Breakdown), Neil Ross (Bonecrusher, Sixshot, Springer, Hook , Crosshairs), Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) will all be joining us at Comic Con Revolution this May at the Ontario Convention Center!

We've got so many more guests to announce in the coming months so stay tuned. To see our full current guest list click here or to get tickets click here!