January 6, 2020

You love comics, right? So do we! There is a reason COMIC is the first word in our name...

We've got some of the greatest and most talented creators coming to Comic Con Revolution 2020. From legends like John Romita, Jr, Jim Shooter, Larry Hama & Gerry Conway to modern icons like Mike & Laura Allred, Dustin Nguyen, Angel Medina, James O'Barr & Whilce Portacio to today's most exciting creators like Cat Staggs, Scott Koblish, David F. Walker & Gene Ha! We'[ve just scratched the surface with the talent that will be at CCR. We will have over 80 comic book guests. Like we said, we LOVE comics...

And don't think we left out fans of voice actors & animation, cosplay, TV & film and more. In addition to the over 80 comic book guests we will another 40+ guests making this the biggest comic con The Inland Empire has EVER SEEN!

For a look at our full guest list (being updated with new guests regularly) click here.

Grab your tickets today and get ready to celebrate what you love!

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