Comic Con Revolution, the first annual event at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois June 1st & 2nd, 2019 is proud to have a full slate of programming spanning approximately 100 hours. Much like the exhibit floor and guest list, the programming schedule is an exciting part of what makes any event a 'must attend' and an unforgettable experience. The diversity of the programming includes something special for all who attend. Check back in the spring as we add detailed programming information.

Room 1:
From Sidekick to Star: Harley Quinn
Moderated by Chris Arrant. Featuring Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti.
Saturday 6/1 12:00pm, 1
From Joker's sidekick to main villain, Harley Quinn has come into her own as one of DC's best characters. Harley Quinn artist Amanda Conner is joined by Harley Quinn writer Jimmy Palmiotti to talk about what makes Daddy's Li'l Monster such an enduring and fun character 27 years after her first appearance.
What's Next for the MCU?
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Fabian Nicieza, Ray Anthony Height.
Saturday 6/1 1:00pm, 1
Moderated by Newsarama's Chris Arrant, Fabian Nicieza (Deadpool, Black Panther) and Ray Anthony Height (Wakanda Forever) gather together to postulate, discuss, theorize and predict what they think is coming up in the next chapter of the MCU!
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Timothy Zahn.
Saturday 6/1 2:00pm, 1
The Galactic Empire was never the same after Timothy Zahn created Grand Admiral Thrawn. Now is your chance to find out the process behind Thrawn's creation, and what makes him a best-selling, fan-favorite character. Moderated by Chris Arrant, with a Q&A to follow!
The Voice Behind Gears of War & Assassin's Creed
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Carlos Ferro.
Saturday 6/1 3:00pm, 1
A live Ask Me Anything with Carlos Ferro. With a career that spans Gears of War, Godfather, Assassins Creed, Star Trek and more; fans will get a chance to ask the actor/voice actor all about some of the most influential properties in pop culture. Moderated by Newsrama's Chris Arrant!
Stan Lee Tribute
Hosted by Tommy Walker. Featuring Ming Chen, Peter Shinkoda.
Saturday 6/1 4:00pm, 1
Hear from some of Comic Con Revolution's most esteemed guests, Daredevil’s Peter Shinkoda and Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen as they give tribute to the man who influenced and inspired generations of comic book creators, and talk about his lasting legacy. Moderated by Tommy Walker.
Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest
Hosted by Ming Chen. Featuring Angi Viper.
Saturday 6/1 6:00pm, 1
Time to put on your cape and hat, or your armor, or whatever youre into! Cosplayers from all around the mid-west will have the opportunity to compete for cash & prizes in our 3rd annual Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest! Hosted by Ming Chen, with special guest judge Angi Viper. Our contest features a $500 cash prize for Best in Show, plus limited edition Comic Con Revolution medals for each category.
Sexy or Sexualized? How Comics are Drawn
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Amanda Conner, Angi Viper.
Sunday 6/2 12:00pm, 1
Newsarama's Chris Arrant delves into the controversial topic with artists Amanda Conner and cosplayer Angi Viper to get their take on the subject. Q & A to follow!
Your Favorite Adaptations & Licensed Properties
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Guy Gilchrist, Mike McKone.
Sunday 6/2 1:00pm, 1
How do you find fulfillment in a creative endeavor that seems like it won't let you be as creative as you want to be? Navigate the ups and downs of writing or drawing a licensed property with advice from licensed property veterans Mike McKone (Star Wars) and Guy Gilchrist (Muppets).
New Warriors 30th Anniversary
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Fabian Nicieza.
Sunday 6/2 2:00pm, 1
Chris Arrant (Newsarama) shines a spotlight on the New Warriors for its 30th Anniversary, and talks to Fabian Nicieza about the comic series and upcoming television show. Q & A to follow!
Comics in Media & Entertainment
Hosted by Angi Viper. Featuring Tommy Walker, Ming Chen, Peter Shinkoda.
Sunday 6/2 3:00pm, 1
Comic book characters in TV and movies have never been more popular. Hosted by Angi Viper, join actors Ming Chen (Comic Book Men, A Shared Universe PodcaSTudio), Tommy Walker (Nickelodeon's Henry Danger, Netflix's Daredevil) and Peter Shinkoda (Netflix's Daredevil, The Predator) as they discuss how it feels to be a part of bringing comic books to a wider mainstream audience via their roles.
Exploring Venom: Villain or Antihero?
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Angel Medina.
Sunday 6/2 4:00pm, 1
Introduced as a villain of Spider-Man, Venom has become an anti-hero, working with and against superheroes. Join Venom artist Angel Medina to discuss the wide range of the character and how they approached working on him.
Room 2:
Bringing the Spider-Verse Into Our 'Verse
Hosted by The Pop Mythologist. Featuring Ashley De Jesus, Dr. Patrick O'Connor, Dr. Elizabeth Smith, Dr. Stanford Carpenter, Dr. Scott Jordan.
Saturday 6/1 12:30pm, 2
With 'Into the Spider-Verse' winning an Oscar, the Spider-Man PS4 game receiving critical acclaim, and a new Spider-Man movie soon to hit theaters, there's never been a better time to be a fan of Spider characters. In this panel our guests will talk about various ways that they take the fictional Spider characters out of their invented universes and bring them into our own real-life universe whether it's through community building, therapy, cultural anthropology, or cognitive science.
Mythology Everywhere! Why We Need Stories Like American Gods, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Black Panther, And Others!
Hosted by Dr. J. Scott Jordan. Featuring Dr. Daniel Jun Kim, Dr. Leandra Parris, and Dr. Eric Wesselmann.
Saturday 6/1 1:30pm, 2
From Greek and Roman Gods to comic-book super heroes, television shows, and movies, myths lie at the center of so many of the stories we tell each other. Dr. Scott Jordan (Captain American vs. Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology) brings together Dr. Eric Wesselmann (Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing the Truth), Dr. Leandra Parris (Supernatural Psychology: Roads Less Traveled), and Daniel Jun Kim (Pop Mythologist, Black Panther Psychology: Hidden Kingdoms) and for a fun, enlightening discussion of why we love myths so much and why they seem so essential. The participants in this panel are members of Illinois State Heroes Rising, a volunteer group that blends psychology and criminology with a love of popular culture in order to foster fun, infor
Panel it like a CHAMP!
Hosted by Mark Kakareka. Featuring Dan Kakareka.
Saturday 6/1 2:30pm, 2
Stop just watching the show and learn to steal the show. Mark Kakareka (Guilty 10 Games) has been hosting and speaking at panels for five-plus-years and at this panel, we will break down how to express your skills and fandom - in panel form. We discuss helpful tips on overcoming stage fright, finding your panel topic, going through the panel submission process, panel prep, how to use your panel time to the max and the super awesome perks that come with hosting a panel. This is your time to take the stage and BE THE SHOW!
Developing Your Own Artistic Style
Hosted by Drew Seldin. Featuring Matthew Atchley, Joe Eisma, Hilary Barta.
Saturday 6/1 3:30pm, 2
Join Hilary Barta, Matthew Atchley, and Joe Eisma as they discuss their artistic influences and how they came into their own unique art styles. Q & A to follow!
X-Men Retrospective
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Greg Land, Mike McKone.
Saturday 6/1 4:30pm, 2
Join Newsarama's Chris Arrant as he delves into the X-Men's history with Mike McKone and Greg Land. Questions will be asked and answers will be given. A can't-miss panel!
Breaking Into Comics
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Vito Delsante, Mike Wellman, Paul Mounts.
Saturday 6/1 5:30pm, 2
Looking to break into comics? There's no easy way and the path is different for everyone! writer Vito Delsante (Stray, Superman), artist Megan Hutchison (Rockstars), retailer/writer Mike Wellman (Guns A' Blazin') and colorist Paul Mounts (Harley Quinn) talk about their process of breaking into the industry and the difficulties they faced then and now.
Life in the Batcave
Hosted by Russell Lissau. Featuring Gene Ha.
Sunday 6/2 12:00pm, 2
Venture into Gotham City with artist Gena Ha (Batman: Fortunate Son, Batman: Black and White) and writer Russell Lissau (The Batman Strikes, Batman: War Games). Learn about how they first entered the Batcave, their favorite Bat-family members and rogues, their approaches to the Dark Knight Detective and more.
Developing Your Own Writing Style
Hosted by Drew Seldin. Featuring Jimmy Palmiotti, Vito Delsante, Ron Marz, Rafael Nieves.
Sunday 6/2 1:00pm, 2
Jimmy Palmiotti (Killing Time in America), Vito Delsante (Stray, Superman), Ron Marz (Witchblade) and Rafael Nieves (Bloodlines) discuss their different writing styles and how to find your own distinctive voice while writing various characters. Q & A to follow.
Spotlight on Creator-Owned Comics
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Mike Wellman, Rafael Navarro, Ray Anthony Height, Ron Marz.
Sunday 6/2 3:00pm, 2
The opportunities for creator-owned books to be published has expanded over the course of the last decade and there are more options than ever before. Join Mike Wellman and Rafael Navarro (IGuns A'Blazin'), Ray Anthony Height (Midnight Tiger), and Onimous Press's Ron Marz to discuss the pro's and con's of taking your project out. Q & A to follow.
Room 3:
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Saturday 6/1 12:00pm, 3
Strap in and get ready to ruin friendships with the kart racer where foreign objects are completely legal! Race your way out of four player pools, where the top two seeds consistently advance all the way to the Final Four. This tournament is a 150CC, NO COM, 4 Races competition where tracks are curated for each round and progressively get harder.
Super Smash Bros.
Saturday 6/1 4:00pm, 3
Smash Bros. Ultimate makes its first appearance at Comic Con Revolution Chicago! Fight your way in this 32 person tournament in 1v1 matches climbing through the single elimination competition bracket. Matches are best 2 out 3 Matches- 3 Stock 6 Minutes - No items
Street Fighter
Sunday 6/2 12:00pm, 3
KICKING IT OLD SCHOOL… The legendary fighting game with which almost every arcade is crashing the video game competition space. This tournament is open to all whether you are season pro or a newcomer who puts all their hopes into mashing be sure to join us for this 32-person, single elimination, best 2 out of 3 matches tournament that is sure to bring back arcade memories.
Mortal Combat 11
Sunday 6/2 2:00pm, 3
FINISH HIM!!! The Classic Midway title that had us all shouting through the streets makes its 11th entry into the series and we will be hosting a tournament to celebrate!! This single elimination 32 man tournament will be best 2 out of 3 matches and the closing tournament for Sunday make sure to sign up onsite!
Room 4:
Cartooning for All Ages
Hosted by Drew Seldin. Featuring Jay Fosgitt, Jessi Zabarsky.
Saturday 6/1 12:30pm, 4
Join Jay Fosgitt (Dead Duck) and Jessi Zabarsky (Two of Us, Adventure Buddies) as they discuss the appeal and satisfaction of cartooning for young and old alike. Q & A to follow!
Storycraft: Perspectives on the Art of Creation
Hosted by Jared Bartemeyer.
Saturday 6/1 1:30pm, 4
Whether it’s comics, novels, movies, or something in the middle, everyone has a creative process. Panelists will discuss how they generate their stories both in visuals and in print, including character development, style, and world-building. Participants will gain insight and advice, with concrete ideas and tools that they can apply directly to their own creative processes.
How to Make a Comic Book
Featuring Rafael Navarro, Mike Wellman.
Saturday 6/1 2:30pm, 4
Have you always wanted to learn how to make a comic book, but just didn't know where to start? Join this crash course for kids, a workshop designed to give you a great starting point, led by pro's Rafael Navarro and Mike Wellman (Guns A'Blazin') who know a thing or two about creating comics!
Comic Con Revolution Pictionary
Featuring Jay Fosgitt, Guy Gilchrist.
Saturday 6/1 3:30pm, 4
Take a break and have some real fun playing Pictionary with a couple of Comic Con Revolution's top artists! The room is divided into two teams, who can guess what the professional artist is drawing the quickest? It's all hands on deck as artists Jay Fosgitt (Dead Duck) and Guy Gilchrist (Muppet Babies) see whose team can guess what they're drawing first!
How to Create a Hero
Featuring Jessi Zabarsky, Kyrstin Avello.
Saturday 6/1 4:30pm, 4
With the help of pro's Jessi Zabarsky, and Kyrstin Avello, you'll be walked through the process of creating your own hero. A creative exercise that teaches you the basics of formulating a meaningful character that can live on forever through your stories and games.
Science Show
Hosted by C.A. Preece.
Saturday 6/1 5:30pm, 4
There are multiple possibilities for Science Show to focus on: Making slime, Building catapults, Making a simple motor, Investigating light, and Investigating sound.
Room 5:
The World of Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange
Hosted by Donald Comstock.
Saturday 6/1 12:30pm, 5
How well do you know the history of one of Marvel’s oldest characters: Doctor Strange? Join Don Comstock, who has been collecting Dr. Strange comics and memorabilia for over 25 years as seen on, and others on a journey through the life and times of Stephen Strange, learning the vibrant history of the character and the worlds he inhabits. A trivia contest will be held throughout the panel. Test your knowledge and win prizes! Prizes will also be awarded to anyone in a Dr. Strange related cosplay costume.
There’s No Place Like Foam: Beginners Guide to Armor and Props.
Hosted by Aaron Selburg.
Saturday 6/1 1:30pm, 5
Foam, heat guns, and spray paint- oh my! Breaking into cosplay can be overwhelming. This beginners’ guide will introduce you to all steps of the cosplay process- from creating templates, to building, to painting, and more!! Join us for this in-depth tutorial.
The Creative Life
Hosted by Russell Lissau. Featuring Gene Ha.
Saturday 6/1 2:30pm, 5
"Where do you get your ideas?" is one of the most common questions asked of writers. Comic-book creator Russell Lissau will tell you -- and he'll also talk about his writing process and how he juggles writing comics with his day job as an award-winning newspaper reporter. (That's right -- he's Clark Kent!)
Voices in the Crowd(funding): Getting Attention for Your Small Press Campaign
Hosted by Sean Dulaney. Featuring Billy Tucci.
Saturday 6/1 3:30pm, 5
As Kickstarter and Indiegogo increasingly become the go-to way for smaller publishers and independent creators to fund and release projects, how can you break through the clutter to get your project noticed? Our panel of creators will discuss what's worked for them and what pitfalls to avoid.
Bob After Dark Presents: The Paranormal and You
Hosted by Tiffany Zember. Featuring Bob Anderson, Ben Vannerson, Steve Szyndrowski, and Tony Panek.
Saturday 6/1 4:30pm, 5
Join the crew of paranormal podcast, Bob After Dark, as they discuss some local unexplainable events around Chicago-Land and give you a chance to share your own paranormal experiences.
Game Development, The Crash Course
Hosted by Mark Kakareka. Featuring Dan Kakareka.
Saturday 6/1 5:30pm, 5
The video and tabletop game design world has opened its doors to all skill-leveled designers. Software and services have been developed where anyone on any skill-level can design and publish their own games. Mark Kakareka (Guilty 10 Games) has been designing games for video, app, and tabletop platforms for years and is now sharing what he has discovered. This includes, using game engines that require little to no programing skills to create video games, printing services that can print out game pieces and boards and working with freelance artists and musicians to make your game come to life. The tools are out there and this panel is your first step into the game designing world.
Underrated Thermoplastics of Armor Making
Hosted by Chaotic Neutral Cosplay.
Sunday 6/2 12:30pm, 5
Are you ready to try your hand at armor making but leary of the price tag on some name brand thermoplastics? Want to give it a try but just not sure your ready for plastic-smithing? Never fear! Chaotic Neutral is here to guide you down the road of less expensive plastics and answer all your plastic working questions.
Building Your Collection From Casual to the Completionist
Hosted by Donald Comstock.
Sunday 6/2 1:30pm, 5
This panel will discuss how to build and manage your collection of comics and memorabilia no matter the size. Join others who are passionate about their collections and learn the ins and outs and lessons learned with Donald Comstock, who has been collecting Doctor Strange memorabilia for over 25 years (as seen on Topics include but not limited to: how to set goals and budgets for any size collector, researching items, determine what they are worth to you, how to find that next item, protecting your collection and using eBay and other auction sites.
Trekkies, Bronies, and Otaku – Oh My! Fandom Up Close and Personal
Hosted by Dr. Scott Jordan. Featuring Dr. Leandra Parris, and Dr. Eric Wesselmann.
Sunday 6/2 2:30pm, 5
Are fans’ passions a healthy outlet or a dangerous obsession? Do peoples’ fandom isolate them from society, or simply allow them to redefine “society” on their own terms? Dr. Scott Jordan (Daredevil Psychology: The Devil You Know) brings together Dr. Eric Wesselmann (Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing the Truth), and Dr. Leandra Parris (Supernatural Psychology: Roads Less Traveled) for a fun, enlightening discussion of about why we love the things we love, and how these passions make us both unique and unite us together. The participants in this panel are members of Illinois State Heroes Rising, a volunteer group that blends psychology and criminology with a love of popular culture in order to foster fun, informative conversation.
Crossplay 101
Hosted by Chaotic Neutral Cosplay.
Sunday 6/2 3:30pm, 5
Want to cos as a character of the opposite gender but not sure where to start? Come join Chaotic Neutral for the basics of cross dressing, gender reversing makeup, binders& padding, and safety in crossplay! (Male and female crossplay will be discussed).