Comic Con Revolution, an annual event at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario California is proud to have a full slate of programming unrivaled in The Inland Empire. Much like the exhibit floor and guest list, the programming schedule is an exciting part of what makes any event a 'must attend' and an unforgettable experience. The diversity of the programming includes something special for all who attend.

Room 100:
Build Your Own Lightsaber Featuring Gary Ripper
Featuring Tyler Salter, Gary Ripper, Daniel Lane.
Saturday 5/18 11:00am, 100
Come join us to learn how to Build Your Own lightsaber with different saber parts or even with a simple PVC piece from any home improvement store. This panel will cover a brief History of the Saber Community and teach a step by step breakdown on how to perform the Obi-Ani.
Storytelling in Animation
Hosted by Tiffany Babb. Featuring Larry Houston, Amanda Deibert. Greg Weisman. Stephan Franck.
Saturday 5/18 11:30am, 100
Animation is its own storytelling language with tons of challenges. How do you take characters with deep lore and bring them into the present? Is long form storytelling possible in cartoons? Are cartoons still just for children? This panel looks at creating stories for the medium of animation. On the panel: Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Young Justice), Amanda Deibert (He-Man, Hot Wheels), Stephan Franck (Marvel Studios What If...?), and Larry Houston (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men).
The Art Of Storyboarding For Animation
Hosted by Mike Morris. Featuring Aaron Paetz, Allen Oka, Ryan Kramer, Allison Sribnick.
Saturday 5/18 12:30pm, 100
Story is KING as the saying goes! Come get a behind the scenes look at both the art and the craft of Storyboarding for animated films with Story Artist and Director Mike Morris (The Simpsons, DuckTales [2017]), Storyboard Artists Aaron Paetz (Grimsburg, Super Mansion), Allen Oka (Hamster & Gretel, High Guardian Spice), Ryan Kramer (Ben 10, The Patrick Star Show), and production manager Allison Sribnick (Golden Axe, Mulligan)!
Why Can't I Land A Job? Animation
Hosted by Allison Sribnick.
Saturday 5/18 1:30pm, 100
Have you ever wondered why someone got a job and you did not? Or why was their portfolio, resume, or cover letter so much better than yours? Well, its most likely because they had a little help from an insider and I don't mean an art school.
In this panel I am going to go through the key points on what you need to have in your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to stand out against the crowd. Basically, I'm going to make you look like an industry professional before you have even stepped foot into the industry.

Allison Sribnick is a production manager with nine years of experience in the industry. She has worked on shows for some of the big named studios like Disney, Netflix, Nickelodeon and Fox. She has been mentoring people on breaking into the industry for the last ten years and understands what her colleagues are looking for when they hire artists and production crew members for their teams.
Untold Stories: From GHOSTBUSTERS to BATMAN RETURNS and Beyond.
Hosted by Craig Largent Mary Claypool.
Saturday 5/18 2:30pm, 100
Craig Caton-Largent and Mary Claypool have worked on some of the most iconic films of the 80s and 90s. Their interesting, humorous, and often embarrassing behind-the- scenes stories are known by few. Anyone who has ever enjoyed movies such as GHOSTBUSTERS, 2010: THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT, FRIGHT NIGHT, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, JURASSIC PARK, TERMINATOR 2, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, BATMAN RETURNS, and more will love this panel. Enjoy their colorful first-hand accounts from these now vintage classic movies accompanied by a PowerPower presentation.
To Publish or to Self-Publish, That is the Question.
Hosted by Charle Stickney. Featuring Jimmy Palmiotti, Eric Palicki, Amanda Deibert.
Saturday 5/18 3:30pm, 100
For decades the only way to get your comic seen and sold was to be signed by an established publisher. But the rise of crowdfunding has lead to an explosion of self-publishing entrepreneurs. But how do you decide whats the best path for you?
Join three creators who have worked with publishers and served as their own E.I.C. (Jimmy Palmiotti, Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane, Eric Palicki Blacks Myth, Atlantis Wasn't Built for Tourists and Charlie Stickney, White Ash, former Publisher of Scout Comics) for an in-depth discussion as they dive into what makes most sense for aspiring and established creators in todays rapidly evolving market.
Making Your Own Animated Film.
Hosted by Mike Morris. Featuring Gavin Freitas, Allison Sribnick.
Saturday 5/18 4:30pm, 100
Do you find yourself daydreaming about a story you really want to tell, and when you think of it, you're visualizing a cartoon, and that cartoon moves!? Sounds like you're ready to make your own animated film! Join filmmakers Mike Morris, Gavin Freitas, Allison Sribnick, and others as we explore the skills, processes, tools, and publishing strategies needed to turn those thoughts and dreams into reality!
Action Figure Action Movie
Hosted by Lon Lopez.
Saturday 5/18 5:30pm, 100
Featured on Robert Rodriguezs El Rey Network, the award winning A.F.A.M. saga uses traditional stop motion animation on action figures to create high octane, pulse pounding, action movies. Join A.F.A.M creators in an introduction to all things A.F.A.M along with some behind the scenes pics and a screening of their latest short, GI JOE: Root of Evil. Q&A, trivia and prizes too!
POSE! How to Get Great Cosplay Photos.
Hosted by Kira Masquerade, Nick Ruiz, Fashionable Cupcake.
Sunday 5/19 11:00am, 100
Are you ready to take your cosplay pictures to the next level? Get ready to unleash your inner photographer and model with our expert tips and tricks! From capturing the perfect shot to nailing every pose, we've got you covered. Let's get started on your journey to amazing, professional-looking pictures!
Discover the Dark & Twisted World of Storm King Comics!
Hosted by Wynter Mitchell. Featuring Sandy Carpenter, Cat Staggs, Amanda Deibert, Sean Sobczak.
Sunday 5/19 12:30pm, 100
Join us for an immersive journey into the newest line from Sandy Kings award-winning Storm King Comics Dark & Twisted. In this panel, we'll explore how we bring horror to the mean streets of Anytown USA with our latest imprint, departing from our traditional supernatural themes to confront the chilling reality of human monsters.

Learn how Dark & Twisted books draw inspiration from true crime stories, some ripped from the headlines, infusing reality into its narrative. We will delve into the creative process behind Death Mask, our inaugural story in this gripping new imprint, and uncover the terror hidden within the mundane in our latest release, Long Haul (by Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio, art by Andrea Mutti) and provide a sneak preview of an upcoming title, The Killing Hole by Steve Niles.

The panel includes Founder and Editor Sandy King, Managing Editor Sean Sobczak, and Death Mask writer and artist, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs, respectively.

Don't miss this chilling discussion where we unravel what drives us to weave the threads of horror into a gritty twist and shine a light on the darkness lurking just beneath the surface of everyday life.

Moderated by Wynter Mitchell
Paperfilms Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
Hosted by Ming Chen. Featuring Jimmy Palmiotti Amanda Conner.
Sunday 5/19 1:30pm, 100
Comic book industry icons Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner share career stories and what fans can expect to see from them.
Patrick Horvath Presents - Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees
Hosted by Weston Suh. Featuring Patrick Horvath.
Sunday 5/19 2:30pm, 100
Join creator Patrick Horvath for a look at his IDW comic series Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees. Winnie the Pooh meets the serial killer thriller story of Dexter in upcoming series Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees by writer-artist Patrick Horvath. The book follows a brown bear serial killer from a small town named Samantha on the hunt for a rival killer who has broken her one rule: Don't kill the locals. Don't be fooled by Horvaths cute character designs and bright colors, this is a grisly, creepy story with all of the thrills and kills youd expect!
Get Ears On Your Writing: How To Make A Fiction Podcast/Audiodrama!
Hosted by Steve Honeycutt.
Sunday 5/19 3:30pm, 100
Turn your unproduced scripts or comic ideas into captivating audiodramas or fiction podcasts! Join Steve Honeycutt, writer/producer of Ray Can't Sleep Podcast, in this insightful panel. From script to audio file, discover the art of storytelling through sound. Topics covered include audiodrama history, writing techniques, essential equipment, voice actor collaboration, editing software insights, platforms for upload, and effective strategies to build a listener base. Joining the panel are Ray Can't Sleep voice actors Robert Dunne and Ian Pabito, offering valuable insights into the world of voice acting.
Room 105:
Kids Storytime Break
Hosted by Stefanie Carlson. Featuring Chris Carlson, Christopher Lit Love, Taylor Harvey JaniceElizabeth Kreh.
Saturday 5/18 12:00pm, 105
Kids need a break? Come pop in for a character story time!
Some fun kid-friendly characters will be reading from a variety of picture books & playing some games with the kids
so you can come in and recharge before the next big event! *Each session features different stories, for a new experience each time!
Kids Storytime Break
Hosted by Stefanie Carlson.
Saturday 5/18 4:00pm, 105
Kids need a break? Come pop in for a character story time!
Some fun kid-friendly characters will be reading from a variety of picture books & playing some games with the kids so you can come in and recharge before the next big event! *Each session features different stories, for a new experience each time!
Kids Storytime Break
Hosted by Stefanie Carlson.
Sunday 5/19 12:00pm, 105
Kids need a break? Come pop in for a character story time! Some fun kid-friendly characters will be reading from a variety of picture books during this time so you can come in and get some down time and recharge before the next big event!
Room 106:
Revolution Academy How To Draw
Hosted by Patrick Scullin.
Saturday 5/18 11:00am, 106
With the help of industry pro Patrick Scullin, kids can learn how to create their own superhero and even name them! A fun exercise that lets kids be creative and start them on their path to making their own comics!
Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics - The FIRST Expanded Universe Story Breakdown!
Hosted by Richard Woloski Sarah Woloski.
Saturday 5/18 12:00pm, 106
Join Richard and Sarah Woloski (Skywalking Through Neverland podcast/Youtube) as they present a LIVE breakdown of the first expanded Star Wars universe story. This story arc can be found in issues 7-10 (1977-1978) where Han Solo and Chewbacca hire a band of mercenaries, including the green bunny Jaxxon, to protect a local farmer. Our commentary includes story, artwork, and behind the scenes breakdowns as well as what has carried over to official Star Wars canon. If you don't have your comic with you, the colorful panels by Howard Chaykin, Tom Palmer, and Gil Kane will be projected for everyone to see. Nuff Said!
By Its Cover: How Iconic Comic Book Covers Are Made
Hosted by Stacy Lott. Featuring Jonboy Meyers, Dave Johnson, Greg Land.
Saturday 5/18 1:00pm, 106
Some of the most incredible artists in comic books show you some of the process behind creating eye-catching comic book covers. On the panel: Dave Johnson (Silk, Batman: The Audio Adventures), Jonboy Meyers (Spawn, Marvel Snap), and Greg Land (Phoenix: Endsong, Symbiote Spider-Man).
Art School Sketchtown Showdown: Amanda Conner/Adam Kubert
Hosted by Ming Chen. Featuring Adam Kubert Amanda Conner.
Saturday 5/18 2:00pm, 106
Two of the biggest comic book industry stars, Adam Kubert (Wolverine) and Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn), show their skills in a special CCR drawing competition where fans will have a chance to bid on these creations to help benefit The Hero Initiative. A great organization helping the creators behind your favorite comic book icons during their hard times.
Comics For Young Readers
Hosted by Stacy Lott. Featuring Beth Sotelo Patrick Scullin Travis Hanson.
Saturday 5/18 3:00pm, 106
Whether you're looking to get your kids into reading or introduce them to the arts, comics can be a great gateway. How do you find great comics for your kids? What goes into creating stories that kids love? This panel will look at a variety of fantastic stories kids can pick up today. On the panel: Mike Kunkel (Hero Bear), Beth Sotelo (Grump), Travis Hanson (Life Of The Party), Patrick Scullin (Super Siblings).
Visual Design In Comics
Hosted by Ming Chen. Featuring Dustin Nguyen & Babs Tarr.
Saturday 5/18 4:00pm, 106
New eras, indie characters, and different takes in comics all require new looks. This panel examines how superstar artists in comics come up with radical versions of beloved characters and brand new ones. On the panel: Dustin Nguyen (Descender, Batman Lil Gotham), Babs Tarr (Motor Crush, Batgirl).
Surge of Power: Where There’s Smoke
Featuring Ted Abenheim, Vince Roth.
Saturday 5/18 5:00pm, 106
Playing for the first time to an audience, enjoy this special sneak peek of Surge of Power: Where Theres Smoke - the latest installment of the Surge of Power indie superhero movie franchise known for having lots of celebrities from the sci-fi and superhero genres. Where Theres Smoke follows Surge as he teams up with The Smoke (former pro wrestler Eric Moran) to form a superhero team to fight a mysterious evil group called The Council, and features guest stars Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from Star Trek), Robert Picardo (The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager), Tim Russ (Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager), Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon from the 1980 Flash Gordon movie), Joseph Culp (Doctor Doom from the 1994 Fantastic Four movie), John Davey (Captain Marvel from the SHAZAM! TV show), Michael Gray (Billy Batson from the SHAZAM! TV show), Shannon Farnon (Wonder Woman from the Super Friends!) and Bruce Vilanch (comedian/award show writer). Join us for this special occasion celebrating with a post-humous performance by the late Nichelle Nichols.
Hero Initiative Sketchtown Showdown Finale!
Hosted by Ming Chen. Featuring Dave Johnson, Ray-Anthony Height.
Sunday 5/19 12:00pm, 106
Three of the top artists in the comic book industry take part in sketch battle. You the audience gets a say in what you'll see three master artists create. All work will be auctioned on-site to benefit the Hero Initiative, an organization dedicated to helping comic book creators in need. Join Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son), Ray Anthony-Height (X-Men), and Jae Lee (Inhumans).
Hosted by Mel B.. Featuring Don Nguyen, Mog Park, Christine Shinn, Fang Fang.
Sunday 5/19 1:00pm, 106
Get a free sketch from these selected artists Mog Park (HBO Game of Thrones, Snow Paw, Ruxy Vampire), Christie Shinn (Demon Bitch), Don Nguyen (Pablo the Gorilla), Phillip Ginn (The Stalkersnatch) and Fang Fang (Beauty, Lineage) and more TBA. Get the latest and greatest projects they are working on now and what they'll be on soon. Moderated by Mel B. host of Sketch Up on The_EXP YouTube channel.
Art Of The X-Men
Featuring Adam Kubert, Karl Altstaetter, Joshua Cassara.
Sunday 5/19 2:00pm, 106
For more than 60 years Marvel Comics X-Men have defined the look of various eras in comics. This session looks at the work of artists who have created some of the X-Men universe's most signature visuals. On the panel: Joshua Cassra, Karl Altstaetter, and Adam Kubert
Sketchtown Showdown
Hosted by Ming Chen.
Sunday 5/19 3:00pm, 106
The weird and wild drawing showcase is back. Pick the characters, pick the scene, talented artists from the world of animation will draw the wildest thing the audience can imagine.
Room 200:
AEW World Champion Samoa Joe: In The Ring and Out.
Hosted by Denise Salcedo. Featuring SAMOA JOE.
Saturday 5/18 11:30am, 200
Special CCR guest AEW World Heavyweight champion Samoa Joe will be part of a special fan Q&A where the champ talks about his in-ring career and his recent entertainment industry roles in Peacocks Twisted Metal and WB Games Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League. Hosted by Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture/Fightful/Wrestling Observer/Busted Open Radio.
Cosplay on a Budget: How To Still Look Good Even When You're Broke.
Hosted by Kira Masquerade.
Saturday 5/18 12:30pm, 200
Creating a stunning cosplay can be intimidating when all the pros are using fancy-shmancy materials and tools. However, we're going to show you the tips and tricks that you can utilize to make a pro-level cosplay with minimum amount of investment. All it takes is a bit of creative out-of-the-box thinking.
Trish Stratus & Amy “Lita” Dumas: Wrestle Besties
Hosted by Denise Salcedo. Featuring Amy Dumas, Trish Stratus.
Saturday 5/18 1:30pm, 200
WWE Hall Of Famers Amy Dumas and Trish Stratus share stories from their in-ring career and their life after wrestling. Hosted by Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture/Fightful/Wrestling Observer/Busted Open Radio.
Cosplay Over 30
Hosted by Sindiroo Cosplays, Shelley Shutters. Featuring Hawkeye Cosplay, Cosplay Cali, Hummin_H2!.
Saturday 5/18 2:30pm, 200
For the millenial fans and beyond, you're never too old to show off your skills. This CCR panel will feature a lineup of seasoned cosplayers sharing tips for getting started, finding fellow cosplayers your age, and building community. On the panel: Shelley Shutters, Sindiroo Cosplays, Hawkeye Cosplay, Cosplay Cali, and Hummin_H2!
Basic Sewing For Beginner Cosplayers
Hosted by Hazel.
Saturday 5/18 3:30pm, 200
Sewing a cosplay is a daunting task, so this panel will teach you basic hand sewing techniques, where to find your fabric, and what to look for in a machine!
Adrianne Palicki Spotlight
Hosted by Eric Palicki. Featuring Adrianne Palicki.
Saturday 5/18 4:30pm, 200
No one knows you like family. At CCR 2024, the star of Agents Of SHIELD and The Orville will be part of a special Q&A hosted by Eric Palicki
Star Wars Trivia Challenge Strikes Back!
Hosted by Richard Woloski, Sarah Woloski.
Saturday 5/18 5:30pm, 200
Teams compete in spirited rounds of Star Wars trivia from the movies and TV series to parody songs. You don't have to be a trivia expert and you may even walk away with new Star Wars fun facts! Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
Business Of Cosplay
Featuring Joanie Brosas, Megan Random, Rosanna Rocha, James Donnelly.
Sunday 5/19 12:30pm, 200
For cosplayers looking to leverage their passion, season cos vets looking to make connections, and fans who are curious about cosplay; Business Of Cosplay looks at the various ways cosplayers make their passion their business. From streaming, social media, conventions, and more this panel looks at all the different ways to utilize cosplay.
Spotlight Steve Blum
Hosted by Steve Blum.
Sunday 5/19 1:30pm, 200
Voice legend Steve Blum will have a special fan Q&A at CCR. Steve shares stories about his iconic character portayals suchas Wolverine, Spike Spiegel, Zeb, Starscream, and more!
Weathering & Shading Techniques On Props And Costumes.
Hosted by Lady Toxie. Featuring Ashe Frosty, Fragowump, SameerTikkaMasala.
Sunday 5/19 2:30pm, 200
Want to know how to take your creations to the next level? Understand how to utilize color, texture and aging to make your costumes, props, and environments look even more real in our world. You can learn tips and tricks from these experienced cosplayers. Come join us - this panel is for anyone at any level!
Inside The Mind Of Grand Admiral Thrawn
Hosted by Tiffany Babb. Featuring Timothy Zahn.
Sunday 5/19 3:30pm, 200
The Star Wars universe will never be the same after the reemergence of Grand Admiral Thrawn at the end of Ashoka season 1. This panel gives fans insight into the origins of this character in the Star Wars universe with the writer of the original Thrawn Trilogy novels Timothy Zahn.
Room 203:
Cosplay for All: Dispelling Cosplay Myths & Getting You Started
Hosted by Kids Can Cosplay.
Saturday 5/18 11:00am, 203
Entering the world of cosplay, or even just becoming more involved in the community, can be daunting. Especially when gatekeeping and barriers seem to be prevalent. We're here to debunk the most common myths and misconceptions about cosplay and discuss perceived barriers to becoming more involved. We'll also examine cosplay gatekeeping and how to handle those situations. As an example of getting involved in a safe environment, we'll also explain causeplaying with Kids Can Cosplay. This is for new cosplayers and seasoned ones of all ages. Panelists will include makers and non-makers of all experience levels who volunteer with KCC.
So You'd Like to Start a Podcast?
Hosted by Jim Higgins. Featuring Kristian Hans Horn, Dan Gvozden, David Avallone, Joe Slepski.
Saturday 5/18 12:00pm, 203
There are lots of podcasts out there, but only some are done really well. How do you go about starting a podcast? What kind of technical information do you have to know? Should your focus be broad or narrow? Should you have interviews or just talk? These podcast pros will tell all about how to do the best podcast you can.
On the panel:
Part Time Fanboy -- Kristian Hans Horn
Amazing-Spider-Talk -- Dan Gvozden
The Writers Block -- David Avallone
Joe on Joe -- Joe Slepski
Panafandom Comedy Hour
Saturday 5/18 1:00pm, 203
Comic books, video games, anime: whatever fandom you identify with, we have jokes for you. Former anime expo comedy champions and LA comic con performers unite for a fun hour of comedy.
Hosted by Timothy Zahn. Featuring Greg Weisman, Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray, Steve Blum.
Saturday 5/18 3:00pm, 203
CCR is celebrating the phenomenal animated series that introduced Star Wars fans to Ezra, Sabine, and the rebels crew. We're reuniting the cast and producers of Star Wars Rebels. On this special panel session will be Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger), Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla), Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren), Steve Blum (Zeb Orrelios), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan Jarrus), and producer Greg Weisman. Your host for this special session will be Star Wars Thrawn author Timothy Zahn.

Please note a CCR special event wristband is required to attend this panel. Only a limited number of wristbands to attend this panel will be distributed on 5/18 beginning at 10:30AM in Room 202. Wristbands are free to attendees while supplies last. No lineups or second floor access for giveaway before 10:30 AM Saturday 5/18. Attendees who purchased Star Wars Rebels Premium Package can attend the panel without needing to pick up the special event wristband.
Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest
Hosted by Ming Chen; Judging by Angi Viper, Jacqueline Goehner and Grace McClung
Saturday 5/18 5:00pm, 203
The Inland Empire's premiere cosplay competition is back. Hosted by Ming Chen, the Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest will feature special guest judges and a brand new prize for the winner. Don't miss this exciting event to see who takes home this year's best in show award!

Note: on-site check in for contestants will be at the Kids Can Cosplay booth located (COS7) on the exhibit floor. Limited on-site contest sign up will be available at the Kids Can Cosplay booth before 3:00 PM Saturday. Mandatory pre-judging will take place in Room 202 starting at 3:00 PM.
LIFE OF A BENDER with John DiMaggio
Featuring by John DiMaggio.
Sunday 5/19 11:00am, 203
The voice star of Futurama and Adventure Time will have a special fan Q&A spotlight at CCR. Join John DiMaggio for stories and more from your favorite animated series.
CCR Special Event: X-Men 92-97 The Iconic Animated Series
Hosted by TIffany Babb. Featuring Larry Houston, Eric/Julia Lewald, Ross Marquand, AJ LoCascio, Lenore Zann, Gui Agustini, Ross Marquand, Isaac Robinson-Smith.
Sunday 5/19 11:30am, 203
The phenomenon that brought Marvel Comics X-Men into mainstream pop culture is back. Now that the new X-Men 97' is streaming on Disney Plus, our special CCR guests Eric Lewald, Julia Lewald, and Larry Houston will look back at the 90's X-Men: The Animated Series and discuss its continuation in the new generation of Marvel Animation's X-Men 97. Don't miss this special panel that will also feature: AJ LoCascio (Gambit), Lenore Zann (Rogue), Gui Agustini (Sunspot), Ross Marquand (Professor X), and Isaac Robinson-Smith (Bishop) from the new X-Men 97 Animated Series.

A CCR Special Event Wristband is required to attend this panel. Please note only a limited number of wristbands to attend this panel will be distributed on 5/19 beginning at 10:00AM in Room 202. Wristbands are free to attendees while supplies last. Absolutely no lineups or second floor access before 10:00 AM on Sunday 5/19 for this wristband distribution.
CCR Special Event: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Cast Reunion
Hosted by Tiffany Babb. Featuring James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein, Dee Bradley Baker, Matt Lanter.
Sunday 5/19 1:00pm, 203
Don't miss the reunion Star Wars animated fans have been waiting for. Join Daniel Logan, Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), Dee Bradley Baker (Captain Rex), Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), Daniel Logan (Boba Fett), and James Arnold Taylor (Obi Wan Kenobi) as they look back on the epic animated series Star Wars The Clone Wars.

A CCR Special Event Wristband is required to attend this panel. Please note only a limited number of wristbands to attend this panel will be distributed on 5/19 beginning at 10:30AM in Room 202. Wristbands are free to attendees while supplies last. Absolutely no lineups or second floor access before 10:00 AM on Sunday 5/19. Attendees who purchased Star Wars Clone Wars Premium Package can attend the panel without having to pick up a special event wristband.
Cosplay Revolution Kids Costume Parade
Hosted by Angi Viper.
Sunday 5/19 2:15pm, 203
Kids get to show off their costumes based on their favorite heroes and villains. You can have your child participate in our Kids Costume parade by signing up at the Kids Can Cosplay booth (COS 5) between the exhibit floor and artist alley area inside the convention center. Then join us shortly after 2PM in room 203 for some great CCR fun.
Room 204:
Tabletop Gaming: Dungeons and Dragons
Hosted by Kenku Court
Saturday 5/18 11:00am, 204
Join the adventurers hunting through a magical rainforest to find the thief who stole the moon! Only in the Dungeons and Dragons room at Comic Con Revolution, hosted by Kenku Court.
Tabletop Gaming: Dungeons and Dragons
Hosted by Kenku Court
Sunday 5/19 11:00am, 204
Join the adventurers hunting through a magical rainforest to find the thief who stole the moon! Only in the Dungeons and Dragons room at Comic Con Revolution, hosted by Kenku Court.
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